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Isa Ho | Westbeth Project

Arte Laguna Prize


Isa Ho, Ralph Lee, 2017, Pigment Inkjet on Satine, 120X177




Isa Ho


Westbeth Project

31.8.18 - 6.10.18


Isa Ho’s solo exhibition Westbeth Project, is a five-year photography project that portrays old artists in their flats, thus blurring the line between artists and their home. They all live in the nonprofit Westbeth housing in the West village, NYC (a place for more than 350 artists). Isa Ho, who studied painting, uses an editing technic which brings her photographs closer to portrait paintings, and sees her photographs as realistic. “For me, a photograph is a platform on which to create a scene, rather than capture a narrative”, says the artist. Her photographs offer a critical approach to art and growing old in a capitalistic society, alongside questions regarding memory and loneliness.


The exhibition follows the artist's winning the first prize of the prestigious Arte Laguna competition, last March. It is the result of the collaboration between Nira Itzhaki of Chelouche Gallery and the competition’s initiatives. Itzhaki served in the jury committee which awarded the first prize to the artist.


Isa Ho (b.1977), is a well-known established artist in the Taiwanese art world. She graduated from Taipei National University of Arts, and has exhibited in museums of art and photography, galleries, and biennales all over the world, including:


Double Square Gallery (2017, Taipei, Taiwan); National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2014, Taichung); Instituto Cultural de Mexico (2011, Texas, USA); Yes Taiwan-Taiwan Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2010, Taichung); Sakshi Gallery (2009, Taipei, Taiwan); Kuandu Biennale 2008, Kuandu museum of fine arts (2008, Taipei, Taiwan)



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