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Chelouche on Mazeh
Campus for Contemporary Art & Culture

Since it's opening Chelouche Gallery has positioned itself as one of the most prominent and leading galleries in Israel. Keeping its primacy in the various fields of art, the gallery displays works in new media, video art, sculpture, painting, installation and photography.


Chelouche Gallery was established by Nira Itzhaki and located in Tel Aviv. In 2010 Chelouche Gallery launched its new venue in one of the most beautiful buildings in the heart of Tel-Aviv, the historic "Twin Houses" at 7 Mazeh Street. The new art & cultural complex, located in a historic building, draws its inspiration from similar compounds the world over.

Since its inception, the Gallery has set out to promote an international and local exhibition schedule in collaboration with curators and artists from around the world, endeavors that have placed it at the vanguard as a leader in the various fields of contemporary art in Israel. Chelouche Gallery is the home for both young and established Israeli artists alongside international artists such as Peter Greenaway, Carmela Garcia, Melanie Manchot and William Kentridge.


The "Twin House," one of the most spectacular historical buildings in central Tel Aviv, on the corner of Mazeh and Yavneh streets, was designed and built in the 1920s by architect Joseph Berlin. Originally planned as residence for the two Berlin brothers, the desire to erect two identical wings gave rise to the first twin house in Tel Aviv. In addition to its residential function, the building also served as home to the Association of Engineers and Architects, as well as a school of architecture. It is an outstanding, unique example of neo-classical architecture in 1920s Tel Aviv; a specimen of a period residential building adapted to local needs and built with state-of-the-art techniques brought to the country by Berlin.


Nira Itzhaki decided to move Chelouche Gallery to the western wing of the Twin House, which was transformed into a space for contemporary art, while carefully abiding by the strict preservation laws to maintain the building's idiosyncratic character as well as its cultural and historical heritage.


The current gallery space extends upon three floors offering different exhibition spaces as well as the Chelouche Salon on the roof, which hosts intimate cultural activities in different fields. The ground floor houses a branch of the Tola'at Sfarim (Bookworm) bookstore-café. Chelouche on Mazeh incorporates this cultural variety in a spectacular building whose history and meticulous preservation furnishes an aesthetic mantle for lively contemporary artistic practice. The new Chelouche Gallery reflects a unique blend of authentic atmosphere and high quality presentation facilities.


With a high volume presence in the international art scene the gallery has collaborated with numerous significant curators and artists both in Israel and abroad and participate consistently in sought after international exhibitions and biennales such as Kunsthaus Baselland, the Mercosul Biennial and more.

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