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Nir Evron news story "Taking a Role" on Artists Make News at the Jerusalem Season of Culture, 2012

London & Kirshenbaum news show, Channel 10

Nir Evron at Artists Make News, Part of the Under the Mountain Festival of New Public Art, Jerusalem Season of Culture 2012

Curator: Eli Armon Azoulay
Assistant curator: Ofri Greenbaum

As part of the project, every evening on London & Kirshenbaum news show, a news story made by video artists will be broadcast on TV. The reports will cover a range of topics currently on the public, political, social, economic, and cultural agenda of Israel and its capital city. For this unique broadcast, the project invited leading video artists to slip into the shoes of a news reporter, stretch them out and adjust them to their own foot-size, their world view and their personal creative experience.



Nir Evron's news story "Taking a Role" documents the Nachal Raviv Habitation Center- the "Tent City".


Nir Evron, still from "Taking a Role", 3 min. news item

commissioned by Under the Mountain festival, London & Kirshenbaum news show


Evron's story was broadcasted on London & Kirshenbaum news show, Channel 10, on Thursday, 02.08.12, 6:30 pm.



You can watch it here, starting on 46:29 min:


The broadcast was accompanied by a panel discussing Nir Evron's news story "Taking a Role" at Yaffo 23 Gallery, Jerusalem, on Thursday, 02.08.12, 6:30 pm


Zvi Elhayani, Miki Kratsman, Orit Marom


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