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Symposium at Salon Chelouche after Peter Greenaway

Thursday, 08.12.11, starting 6pm

Symposium at Salon Chelouche after Peter Greenaway

Thursday, 08.12.11, starting 6pm


Due to public demand we are pleased to announce that on Thursday, 08.12.11 starting 6pm, there will be a symposium arising some of the many issues regarding Heavy Water and Greenaway's art


This October World famous British filmmaker and artist Peter Greenaway has launched his world premier of the new, spectacular project Heavy Water at Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Heavy Water, is a theatrical and dramatic mix of sound, painting, and video. It elicits apocalyptic thoughts and contains an ostensibly prophetic warning concerning nuclear proliferation and the future of our planet.


Touched by an air of adventurousness, Greenaway's art probes the boundaries of different media types and challenges its audience, spurring philosophical debates regarding the role of art in the contemporary world and in our lives in general.


 Peter Greenaway, Atomic Bomb on the Planet Earth, 2011,

stills from 5 screens projection, 13.27 min (loop)


"Peter Greenaway and the New Visuality"

Dr. Shlomo Lee Abrahmov – Artist, Researcher and Lecturer

Explores aspects of Greenaway’s work that relate to what we define as Visual Culture, where we gradually learn to explore our world through diverse media that are conflated horizontally. In addition, the lecture would raise the issue of “Un-Knowing” - the contemporary state in which we accept that there are more questions than definitive answers.


"The history of nature; or the nature of history": thoughts regarding the relation of art to nature and its domesticating
Yair Barak - artist, curator, writer and lecturer

The lecture will explore the ways in which Art in general and photography in particular relates to themes of "culture" and "nature". Accompanied by examples of artists that find themselves between the two concepts and those who try thinking and writing a "history of nature".


screening of Peter Greenaway's short films | starting 8pm


Making A Splash (1984, 25 min.)
26 Bathrooms (1985, 26 min.)
Fear Of Drowning (1988, 26 min.)


Free Admission FCFS  

* the symposium will be in Hebrew


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