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Uri Gershuni - CV

1970 Born in Israel
Works and lives in Tel Aviv

2008-2009 Bezalel academy of art and design, MFA studies, Israel
1992-1996 Bezalel academy of art and design, BFA studies, Israel
1995 Cooper union art school, exchange program, NY, USA


Grants and Awards
2018 The Minister of Culture Award in the fields of plastic art
2012 Israel’s Minister of Culture ‘Art Encouragement’ Award
2007 Heskia Hacmun award
2005 Young photographers award on behalf of Haifa museum of art
2000 Minister of education and culture award for young Israeli artist
1995 Special presidential grant for excellence, Bezalel academy, Jerusalem


Solo Exhibitions

2020 Gone - There, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 Apollo and the Chimney Sweeper, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Noam Gal
2015 Nothing but Darkness, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 Yesterday's Sun, Photography Book #1, Ha'midrasha Photography Gallery, Beit Berl. Curator: Noa Ben-Shalom
2013 Publish, Volume gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 Eye Contact, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 Yesterday's Sun, Solo Exhibition at Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 Selective mutism, Tel-aviv museum, Tel-aviv
2010 Day and Night, Inga gallery, Tel-aviv
2007 Yad, Axel Springer, Berlin, Germany
2006 Department, Hmidrasha art gallery, Beit-Berl
2005 Dark Ages, sadnaot haomanim gallery, Tel-aviv
2001 Cruciferae Family, Machanyim art gallery, Machanayim
2000 Decent Swinishness, line 16 gallery, Tel-Aviv
2000 The Phantom Menace, Hmidrasha art gallery, Beit-Berl
1999 I Have a Gigantic Electricity Bill Too, Hifa museum of art, Haifa

Group Exhibitions

2020 The Winners Exhibition: winners of the ministry of culture and sports award, Ashdod Art Museum

2019 In the Golem's Garden, Mané-Katz Museum, Haifa, Israel. Curators: Michal BenJakob and Dafna Falk

2019 Seeds of the Land, Ticho House, Jerusalem

2018 Precious Light, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018 Pillar of Cloud, Herman Struck Museum, Haifa, curtor: Svetlana Reingold

2016 Untitled, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 Between Synapses: Where Art And Brain Sciences Intersect, the Artists'
House, Jerusalem
2016 KUMSITZ, The Bronner Residency Grant Holders, Part II, Kunst Im Tunnel, Dusseldorf.
2016 Father Father, P8 Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 Seismograph, Grand Art Gallery, Haifa
2015 Vulnerability, Artspace Tel Aviv. Curator: Micha Kirshner
2015 Miki Krtasman, Uri Gershuni, Nir Evron - Recent works, Chelouche Gallery,
Tel Aviv
2015 Temporary Relocation: The Bronner Residency, Herzelia Museum for Contemporary Art. Curators : Dr. Aya Lurie, Katharina Klang, Orit Bulgaru, Tal Bechler
2015 "1858", NB Haifa School of Design Gallery, Haifa
2015 Lost Scapes, Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf.
2014 Three Chambers, Jaffa, Tel Aviv.
2014 Haifa Museum of Art Collection: Dynasties, Haifa Museum of Art.
2014 Power of Attraction, Rosenfled Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2014 Journeys, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Kobi Ben Meir
2014 Ziz Prints, Ziz Art Space, Tel Aviv.
2014 The Double Exposure Project, Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv. Curators: Aya Lurie, Orit Bulgaru, Anat Ascher
2013 The first day, 100 years gallery, London
2013 Local Testimony 2013, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Moran Shoub
2013 Be My Guest, New Aggaf gallery, Haifa
2013 The Wilderness My Brother Wanders, Social Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem.
Curator: Eyal Ben Dov
2013 What is to Become, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Etty Schwartz
2013 The Solitary Body: Self-Portraiture in Contemporary Photography, Mact/Cact
Museum and Centre for Contemporary Art, Ticino, Switzerland.
2013 Knitted Registry, CCA, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ruty Chinsky-Amitay
2013 Surface Currents, Feinberg Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yham Hameiri
2013 Young Artist Awards, Ashdod Museum of Art
2013 Time After Time, Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2013 Sacred or Sacrilege?, the Open University Gallery, Ra'anana, Curator: Alec
2013 Israel Discount Bank Album No. 16.
2013 Local Pulse, Zaritsky Artists' House, Tel Aviv. Curators: Orly Hoffman, Arie
2013 Night Stamp, Beir Ha'ir, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky
Statues, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-Aviv
2012 Negotiation, Art Israel Internet Biennial 2. Curator: Shalom Amira
2012 Objects, Spaceship, Tel Aviv. Curator: Daniel Tsal
2012 Teachers, Musrara, Jerusalem, Curators: Avi Sabag, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
2012 Random, BAAD Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 Different Place, Dana Gallery, Kibutz Yad Mordechai. Curator: Ravit Harari
2012 The Time Defined by Human Beings is But a Dream, Musrara, Jerusalem,
Curator: Ilanit Konopny
2012 Cabinets of Wonder in Contemporary Art: From Astonishment to
Disenchantment, Herzelia Museum, Hezrelia, Curators: Dalia Levin, Daria Kaufmann and Ghila Limon
2012 Camera obscura, Space Shuttel, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hila Cohen Schneiderman
2012 Remembering Boaz Tal, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv, Curator: Sorin Heller
2012 Deep Inside. Dissociations, CACT / MACT Arte Contemporanea
2012 Ticino, Switzerland, Curator: Mario Casanova
2012 Culture Club, Kfar-Saba's city gallery, Curator: Hadassa Gorohovski
2012 Art on Buildings, Part of the Tel Aviv Artweekend events. Curator: Sagi Rafael
2012 The End of the World, Meyuhas gallery, Curator: Galit Semel
2012 Black box, photography festival, Tel-aviv
2011 Freedom of Expression – True Colors –London 2011, The Gallery Soho, Cube Gallery, Manchester
2011 Human Landscape, Artists' House, Tel Aviv
2011 Casino Ayalon, Bezalel Gallery (Salame 60), Tel Aviv
2011 Noise, Bealey Melacha, Tel Aviv
2011 A Road to Nowhere, Ashdod museum of art, Ashdod
2011 The Beauty of Mistake, the Spaceship at Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv
2011 A Piece of Cake, artist's house, Tel-Aviv
2010 Re-location, Chelouche art gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010 Be my Guest, Diaghilev, Tel-Aviv
2010 Relocation, Tavi art gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010 Net Games, Baaley hamelacha gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010 Art Couture, Bineth gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010 Who is a Predator, Whcreation
2010 Living room, Tel-aviv museum, Tel-Aviv
2010 Sex-sin, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-Aviv
2010 Calm before the storm, Winzavod art centre, Moscow, Russia
2009 Self service, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-Aviv
2009 Four openings in israeli art, Bezalel-Salame gallery, Tel-Aviv
2009 Men. Inga gallery, Tel-Aviv
2009 Ethics-Esthetics, artist's house, Tel-Aviv
2009 Z-B-A, Gal-on gallery, Tel-aviv
2009 Industry, MFA graduates, Hatachana, Tel-Aviv
2008 Eventually we'll die, young israeli art of the 90's, Herzlia museum of art, Herzlia
2008 Youth, Musrara art gallery, Jerusalem
2008 The homes of others, Israel museum, Jerusalem
2008 Streetwise, Mishkenot shaananim gallery, Jerusalem
2008 The secret viewer, Tmuna gallery, Tel-Aviv
2008 Snapshot, Ramleh city gallery, Ramleh
2008 Click....grrrr..., Haifa univercity gallery, Haifa
2008 Mama's boy, Port-house gallery, Tel-Aviv
2008 Flock, Bezalel-Salame gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 Sleep, Rishon lezion city gallery, Rishon Lezion
2007 Closer, D&A gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 Stills, Oranim art institute, Oranim
2007 Passion, Haoman, Tel-Aviv
2007 Desert generation, Hakibutz gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 My beloved pornography, Artist's house, Tel-Aviv
2007 City space, Photorio festival, Rio de jeneiro, Brazil
2007 Boys craft, Haifa museum of art, Haifa
2007 Sweet 16, Bat Yam museum of art, Bat Yam
2007 Public garden, Artist's house, Tel-Aviv
2007 It is not Israeli Art, Tmuna gallery, Tel-aviv
2007 Portraits, Artneuland gallery, Berlin, Germany
2006 Men, Ramat Gan museum, Ramat Gan
2006 After, Petach tikva museum, Petach Tikva
2005 Books, Israel museum, Jerusalem
2005 Omanut Haaretz festival, Riding power station, Tel-Aviv
2004 Non stop art, Sadnaot haomanim, Tel-Aviv
2004 Reunion, Braverman gallery, Tel-Aviv
2004 In those days, Beit Reuvan, Tel-Aviv
2004 Rose ce'st la vie, Tel-Aviv museum, Tel-Aviv
2004 Marshim, Marseille art centre, Marseille, France
2004 Portraits, Artspace, Tel-Aviv
2003 Side effect, Hamidrasha gallery, Tel-Aviv
2003 Mother, Oranim art gallery, Oranim
2003 Home, Haifa university gallery, Haifa
2002 Behind closed doors, Herzlia museum of art, Herzlia
2002 Fragile line, Um el fahem art gallery, Um el Fahem
2001 Utility furniture, Line 16 gallery, Tel-Aviv
2001 Plastic sheet, A.A. Silver gallery, Tel-Aviv
2001 Minister of culture prize for young artist, Ramat Gan museum, Ramat Gan
2000 Between the mountain and the sea, Haifa city museum, Haifa
1999 Prologue, Hilton hotel, Tel-Aviv
1999 Emerging artists, Sotheby's, Tel-Aviv
1997 Ho mama, Ramat Gan museum of art, Ramat Gan
1997 Winter dreamers, Nehama gallery, Tel-Aviv
1997 Chosen graduates, Cooper union, New-York, USA


The Blue Hour, The Green Box, 2014, Berlin
Yesterday's Sun, artist book, Sternthal books, 2012, Canada
Day and Night, artist book, self published, 2010
S.T.H magazine, issue 168, 2010, USA
Kink magazine, issue 07, 2008, Spain
Limbus. Place. photography. art book, 2008, Israel
A5 magazine, issue 6:sex, 2008, Israel
A5 magazine, issue 4:portrait, Israel
Sleek magazine, issue 16, 2007, Germany
Mono.kultur magazine, issue 12, 2007, Germany
Mikarov magazine, issue 15, 2005, Israel
Mikarov magazine, issue 10, 2002, Israel
Hamidrasha magazine, issue 4: art/text, 2001, Israel

Tel-Aviv museum of art
Haifa museum of art
Israel museum, Jerusalem
Petach Tikva museum
The S.I.P.
Private collections

Other Activities
1993-present - Teaching photography at the following institutes: Bezalel academy of art, Wizzo academy, Shenkar institute, Minshar art school
2009-present - a photogarpher for Haaretz newspaper and magazine
2003-2007 a photographer for Yedioth aharonot newspaper and magazine

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