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Tal Amitai-Lavi - CV

1969, Born in Israel



2008-2010 Master of Fine Art (MFA), Haifa University
1996-2002 B.A. in the Multidisciplinary Program of the Arts, Tel Aviv University
1991-1994 Hamidrasha School of Art , Beit Berl College, Kfar Saba

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Green on the outside red on the inside, Basis Gallery, Herzliya

2014 Light Construction, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 Duet, The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Neta Gal-Atzmon

2004 (temporary) Happiness, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod; Herzliya Museum of 

          Contemporary Art; Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, M. Smilansky Cultural Center.

          Curator: Tami Katz-Freiman
2001 Aleph for Ohel [tent] / Bet for Bayit [house], Noga Gallery of Contemporary

          Art, Tel Aviv
1996 We Are a Bound Family, The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tali Tamir


Group Exhibitions

2017 Craftsmanship In Art, City gallery Kfar Saba, Kfar Saba

2016 Nordart 2016; The Circle of Life, Germany. Curator: Carmit Blumensohn               
         Wire(less) Connections, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Daniella Shalev
Arte Laguna Prize, finalists collective exhibitions, Arsenale, Venice, Italy. Curator: Igor Zanti
         Still/Life, Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem. Curator: Tamar Gispan-Greenberg

             The Triangle, Carmel Forest.
Melechet Nashim, Beit Yad Lebanim Gallery, Ra'anana. Curator: Orna Fichman
 2015 Visions of Place, Stedman Gallery, Rutgers-Camden, New Jersey; Towson University, Maryland, USA. Curators: Martin Rosenberg and J.Susan Isaacs                                                  

2014 Along the Lines of Imagination, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

          Partners, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tal Amitai-Lavi

2013 The 5th Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Traces V – Beyond Paper, Jerusalem Artist House. Curator: Tal Yahas

          ArTricks, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
          Registered in the Taboo, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.

          Curator: Shira Gepstein-Moshkovich

2012 8 Cube Museum Space, Tel Aviv Museum, Curators: Nili Goren, Nogah          

          Davidson, Sally Haftel Naveh 

2011 The Seam, Dana Gallery, Yad Mordechai. Curator: Ravit Harari

          Israeli Texture, The Knesset, Jerusalem. Curator: Sharon Sofer

2010 Re-Location, Opening Exhibition, Chelouche Gallery

          There is No Thing that has Not Its Place, The Painters and Sculptors 

          Association, Tel Aviv. Curator: Moran Shoub
          Graduate Show 2010, Master of Fine Art (MFA), Haifa University, Haifa.

          Curators: Uri Katzenstein, Philip Rantzer
          Fresh Paint 3, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv. Curators: Yifat Gurion Ofer,

          Matan Daube

2009 Fresh Paint 2, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv. Curators: Yifat Gurion Ofer,

          Matan Daube

          Mani’s Haunted House, Beit Mani Leumi (“Mani’s House”) art space, Tel Aviv.

          Curators: Yifat Gurion Ofer, Matan Daube

2008 Don Kishut, Ironi ‘H’ High School, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ady Dulza

2007 The Space Between, Petach–Tikva Museum. Curator: Drorit Gur Arie

2006 Fatamorgana: Illusion and Deception in Contemporary Art,Haifa Museum of

          Art. Curator: Tami Katz-Freiman

2004 Fragments: Mosaics & Reality, Time for Art Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv

          Curator: Neta Gal-Atzmon

          Love is in the Air: Romantic Love in Contemporary Israeli Art, Time For Art

          Israeli, Art Center, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tami Katz-Freiman

2003 Childhood Cabinets, Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, M. Smilansky Cultural

          Center. Curator: Ora Kraus
          Overcraft: Obsession Decoration and Biting Beauty, The Art Gallery, 
          Haifa University; The Painters and Sculptors Association, Tel Aviv. 
          Curator: Tami Katz-Freiman
          Israeli Contemporary, Robert Sandelson Gallery, London. Curators: Tamar 

          Arnon, Eli Zagury 
          Artists Teachers, Art Gallery, Oranim College, Tivon.

2002 Israeli Object: A Matter of Time, Artists House, Jerusalem; The Israel
          National Museum of Science, Planning & Technology, Haifa.

          Curator: Sophia Dekel
          The Boundaries of Sculpture: Israeli Sculpture between Art, Science and

          Technology, The Open Museum, Tefen and Omer; The Avraham Baron Art 

          Gallery at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva.
          Curators: Prof. Haim Finkelstein, Haim Maor, Ruthi Ofek
          Israeli Habitat, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem. Curator: Nirit Nelson
          Food in Art: A Matter of Taste, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curators:

          Hagitte Alon and Smedar Gafni

2001 Toy- Sculpture, Bat Yam Museum of Art; Arad Museum; Municipal Gallery, Kfar

          Saba. Curators: Ili Govrin, Miri Taragan
          Looking In, Looking At, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2000 The Perfect Couple, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
          Artic 2, Recipients of the America - Israel Cultural Foundation
          Scholarships Exhibition, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat–Gan

          Curator: Surin Heller


Scholarships and Awards 

2013 support for "Light Construction" catalogue from the Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts

2010  "Under the Hammer" award by Sotheby's auction house, Fresh Paint 3 Art Fair

2004  The Beracha Foundation, (temporary) Happiness, Catalogue and exhibition


2003  Artist-Teacher Award, The Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2002  Artist-Teacher Award, The Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport

1997  America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship (Sharett Foundation)

1996  America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship (Sharett Foundarion)

1993  Scholarship for academic excellence, Hamidrasha School of Art

1992  Scholarship for academic excellence, Hamidrasha School of Art


The Knesset Art Collection

Jerusalem Museum Collection

Brandes Family Art Collection
Ami and Gabi Braun Collection
Bank Hapoalim Collection
Yifat Gurion Ofer Collection
Att. Chaim Stanger Collection
Private Collections in Israel and abroad


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